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This week in the Tarrangower Times


Maldon - A Tired Old Town

Peeling paint, fading facades and rotting verandah posts - does Maldon need a facelift? And what about the overhead power lines? Or the inappropriate signage that contributes to the general air of “Heritage? What’s that?” that has begun to creep into town? 

The last time there was a wholesale restoration of Maldon was back in the early 1980s, when low-interest heritage loans were made available to return buildings to their former 19th century glory. Since that time, some buildings have been maintained while others have slid into a state of some dilapidation. Adding to the problem are the business owners who display signs that don’t give so much as a nod to heritage values....      

Fires at Baringhup

Firefighters attended two fires at Baringhup on Monday this week.

The first one, which would have started at around 7.30am, was called in by a police officer on his way to work in Maryborough.  The fire, on private property near the Baringhup-Eddington Road, had taken hold at the bottom of a power pole. 

According to Baringhup West Fire Brigade Captain Brendan McKnight, a heavy dew had prevented the fire from spreading quickly. “If it had happened at 2pm on Tuesday (when the temperature was hovering around the 40 degree mark), it could have been much worse,” he said.

Believe it or not, the fire was started by a kookaburra. Powercor investigators found one cooked kookaburra close to the pole.  It must have been sitting on the lines, caused an electrical arc, was set alight and then fell to the ground where it started a fire.  

The second fire, out on Havelock Road at Baringhup West, only burnt out two acres but still caused considerable damage.  It burnt out a tractor, hay baler, car and trailer. It is believed that the fire was started by a faulty exhaust on the car.

Bushells Signs Restored

Next time you’re driving past the old brick shop and residence on the corner of Templeton and Adair streets, you should stop to admire the newly-restored Bushells signs.  

Owners Ray and Jo.Ann Moore decided to employ a professional songwriter to revamp the signs inside and outside the building.  They are so thrilled with the result that they’re on a mission to save other old ‘ghost signs’ around Maldon from oblivion.  

The signs on the inside of the shop windows needed immediate attention, as the paint was crumbling off the glass every time the windows were dusted.  “The signwriter has done a wonderful job, and he reinstated a sign that was missing, after a piece of the glass was broken,” Ray said.  “He then applied a special coat to the back of the signs to provide further protection.

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